Cali Burger

3:06 AM

 Newly Opened Cali Burger In Dubai. Located at Sheik Zayed Road near Emirates Towers Metro Station. Cali Burger takes the sunny southern Style burger around the globe, conquering the taste buds of every foodie, with their signature Cali Double and Seasoned Fries... 
CaliBurger is not an ordinary In and Out joint. The Burger Joint is decorated with pastel tones of blue, lilac and sandy yellow and the furnitures will give you the beachside vibe. It's like a beach getaway in the heart of the Metro Dubai. The walls are decorated with colorful skate boards, surf board and cut outs...
They have a wide range of burgers, and they also offer breakfast. And you can add on your existing order, Just like What I did, I was craving for bacons (forget that diet! lol) so I decided to add it on my cali double. 
Their Menu is both in English and Arabic just like at the airport. They will give you a buzzer after you order and once your order is ready they will serve it you. Based on my experience their staff are very friendly and their service is quick. Thumbs up on that one! 
My bill (for one)
1x Cali double meal + bacon add on
1x iced tea
Total Dhs 52
There is a big screen in the middle, that may sound off to others but it's because you can download their app and play the game. You have a chance to win $10,000!!! I know right?! Right there and then, I downloaded the app. I hope I win. hahah :p 
 In some video clips are quotations from US publications such as The Huffington Post, rating Caliburger for being top for this and top for that. Among them, is a claim by Bloomberg that Caliburger is among the top five burger concepts in the world. Frankly, being one of the top five burger restaurants mean that its one of the BEST! Proven and Tested. :) 
With more than 5 locations in the UAE, you will surely get the value for your money. 


Credits to the owner. (All photos are owned and copyrighted by Bryan Fetalvero. 2017 All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, editing, reproduction, publication, duplication and distribution of the digital photos without explicit permission is punishable by law.) 


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