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1:19 AM

In busy days, you don't have to sacrifice how you look for comfort... You can look good and the same time feel comfortable and confident. 
In this fast paced life that we live in, its not ok to just blend in. You have to stand out. As cookie say on Empire, " The streets ain't made for everybody, that's why they made side walks." I don't intend to be in the sidelines, I was born to stand LOL :p 
Looking chic, doesn't have to be so expensive. Actually almost everything I'm wearing was just given to me or is free. So for those haters, who are saying I'm showing off. I'm sorry but I'm not. 
This 2017, I am trying to be a better person than last year. I want to avoid negativity as often as I can. I know I easily lose my temper, but I'm coping. I want to be happy and the people around me to be happy too... So spread the love. :) 
2017 will be a great year!!! So please let's stop the hate. :) 
Let's spread Love and my wish for everyone is more success and blessing this new year! 😊

What I'm Wearing: 
Leather Jacket: Zara Man 
Mustard Button Down: Forever 21 men 
Khaki Pants
Shoes: Aldo 
Watch: Daniel Wellington 
Eyewear: Aldo Accessories 
Bag: Susen (Authentic Camel Leather) 



(All photos are owned and copyrighted by Bryan Fetalvero. 2017 All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, editing, reproduction, publication, duplication and distribution of the digital photos without explicit permission is punishable by law.)  

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